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Tammy Taylor Nail Peel 'N' Stick Disposable Zebra File - 100grit - Pack of 10ct

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~ * Disposable File System Using Peel 'n Stick File Strips * ~ 

10 files/pack
Long Lasting Zebra Strips 100-grit

The 100 grit strip is a specially coat
ed fine zinc oxide abrasive. Easiest for filing smooth the top of acrylic or any other artificial nails. Files like a dream.

Same Superior Quality nail file abrasives as Tammy Original Files, (that you have become accustomed to), but now the same files are available in a Peel-n-Stick File Strip. This unique Disposable File System is so economical you can use a new Peel-n-Stick File Strip on every client.


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