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Nail brush cleaner
Nail brush cleaner

Tammy Taylor Acrylic Nail Brush Cleaner 16 oz

Tammy Taylor

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Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner -16oz  

For Professional use only.

.To clean out hardened acrylic product, place your Sable Nail Brush in your Tammy Taylor Dish filled with Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner, and let it set as long as needed; usually 1 minute is good, but if you need to leave it in a little longer, that is fine. 

  • If the bristles on your Sable Nail Brush have bent from sitting too long, just hold the brush under "running" warm water, until it comes back into shape.
  • After cleaning your Sable Nail Brush in your Tammy Taylor Brush Cleaner, wipe it off on your Tammy Taylor Towelette; then dip your Sable Nail Brush into your Nail Liquid and wipe it off again; this keeps your brush "ready" to make Beautiful Acrylic Nails.