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Satin Smooth - DELUXE CREAM WAX 14oz.

Satin Smooth - DELUXE CREAM WAX 14oz.

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* Delicate, Creamy depilatory wax

* Created to work well on short, stubborn hair

* Recommended for dry, dehydrated or sunburned skin

* Leaves very little residue on skin.

The vitamins and rich emollients in this deluxe depilatory wax help to soften and smooth the hair shaft for ultra-soothing wax treatments. Developed especially for African-American and Latino clients, this all-purpose creamy wax removes thick, coarse and curly hair. It’s recommended for all skin types, but is exceptionally effective on dehydrated skin. Formulated with titanium dioxide, a natural buffer that eliminates the need for talcum powder, and propolis, a natural botanical substance, it ensures a comfortable experience for both esthetician and client.  

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