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PremiumNails Manicure Nail Acrylic Trucolor Powder - 32oz/907g - Choose your Colors

PremiumNails Manicure Nail Acrylic Trucolor Powder - 32oz/907g - Choose your Colors

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Premium Nails Sculpting Powder

- 32oz/907g -

 Made in USA

  Choose your Colors


*Extreme French White

*Extreme Pink


*Ultra Pink

*IPink (Opaque)

*Iultra Pink (Opaque)

Premium Nails' exclusive, acrylic powders are unique to the professional nail industry. We carefully manufacture and blend our powders to the highest of standards. Bubbling and cloudiness are virtually eliminated.
The sheer polymer allows your client's skin tone to show through the acrylic. It's what gives a Premium sculptured nail it's distinctive, natural look.
Premium powders cure to a beautiful, satin finish that reduces filing time and dust.
They are available in a complete palette of natural colors that work with all skin tones: Pink, Ultra Pink, Ultra White, Extreme French White, Clear and Natural. You can also mix Premium Powders to create your own custom color.
When used with either of our two liquids, the acrylic application is a non-runny, technician-controlled application. The SPF Original Blue Liquid is a Press On application, while the Elite Generation Purple Liquid is a Place and Stroke application. When using either Premium Liquid, the powders will not crystallize even in cold climates.
Premium Sculpting Powder's advanced formulation makes application time faster and more cost-effective. Since it is technician-controlled, you place the product where you want it and "chasing the product" around the nail plate is minimized. This allows you to keep the product away from the cuticle area and prevent lifting.

Please note: Actual colour may differ from image shown here depending on the settings of your monitor. 

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