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Nitro Magic Ombre Dipping Gel 0.5 Oz Ombre Effect in Seconds

Nitro Magic Ombre Dipping Gel 0.5 Oz Ombre Effect in Seconds

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Nitro Magic Ombre Dipping Gel Ombre Effect in Seconds


Product Details:


  • Ombre in Seconds
  • Easy to Apply
  • Magic Ombre
  • Ombre Dipping 1. First, we're going to start off by putting on our foundation layers. 2. Then file them down into shape. Using the end of the chrome brush, brush the hands clean. 3. Using Nitro's colour base dip two to three layers of your desired primary colour. Make sure to brush off all the excess powder in between layers. 4. After you finish applying your primary colour using the colour base again apply one layer of Nitro's crystal clear. 5. Apply the activator to dry. 6. Then file the nails back into shape. 7. Further file down the nails. 8. Buff the nails smooth. 9. Brush the nails clean. Now we are going to apply the Ombre using Nitro's magic on foundation and Nitro's cordless UV LED lamp. 10. Apply one coat of the magic Ombre Foundation. And cure it under the UV LED lamp for 60 seconds. 11. To create the Ombre effect continuously dip the nail into your desired colour starting from the bottom and working your way up slowly. 12. Using Nitro's chrome brush, brush off all the excess powder on top of the nail before dipping it in a second time. To create a more radiant colour. The more layers that you dip the brighter and more ready and the colour will turn out. 13. Brush off all the excess powder around the nail. 14. Apply a layer of Nitro's non-cleansing top coat for a shiny finish. Ensure to seal the sides and the tip of the nail. So that the Ombre effect does not peel off. 15. Cure it under the UV LED lamp for a further 60 seconds. 16. Finish off by applying Nitro's cuticle oil around the nail and then massaging it into your client's hands. And that is how you apply Nitro's Magic Ombre.



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