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Mini Mani Moo - Gel Polish Remover 10mL - Made in USA

Mini Mani Moo - Gel Polish Remover 10mL - Made in USA

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MINI MANI MOO - Gel Polish Remover - MOO-GNM: Gel no more! ™ removes 1 step gel in 2-3 minutes, 3 step in 5-6 minutes without having to soak in acetone and damage your nails. Also works to remove glitter nail polish in 60-90 seconds.


MINI MANI MOO - Gel Polish Remover product uses compliant ingredients that follow cosmetic regulations worldwide. Does not contain caustic soda and it is definitely not industrial paint thinner/stripper. 

Instructions: Buff really well the top layer of the gel/dip/acrylic. Apply one thick coat of gel no more.

Wait 30 seconds then reapply a second coat. If you are removing a 1 step gel wait 2-3 mins and push the color with a gel pusher tool a cold sensation normal. Finish buffing the nail. If you have multiple gel layers or a 3-step gel mani, you need to repeat the process.

Dip powder unlike gel does not bubble up, it just becomes soft, that is when you can push it out of the nail. Repeat as needed.

Avoid skin contact as it may tingle if you have dry/cracked skin or micro cuts around the nail area.

Made in the USA. Animal cruelty free.

Storage: In a cool dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Close tight when not in use to avoid the product to dry out. Storing inside a Ziploc type bag will ensure that no air will be sneaking in 


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