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LeChat Perfect Match Mood Changing Soak off Gel Nail Polish 6 Colors Set (MG13 - MG18)

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LeChat Perfect Match Mood Changing Gel Nail Polish

6 Color Set #MPMG13 - #MPMG18

Full size bottle 0.5oz/15ml



  • Scarlet Stars - MPMG13
  • Glistening Waterfall - MPMG14
  • Dazzling Dawn - MPMG15
  • Moonlit Eclipse - MPMG16
  • Cherry Blossom - MPMG17
  • Crimson Nightfall - MPMG18

    Perfect Match UV/LED Cured Gel Polish

  • The Mood Gel Polish is Heat-Activated; color varies by your body heat and surroundings.
  • Whether you feel "Hot" or "Cold" your nails language says it all!