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Gelish 18G Unplugged LED Lamp with Comfort Cure Cordless

Gelish 18G Unplugged LED Lamp with Comfort Cure Cordless

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Gelish 18G Unplugged LED Lamp with Comfort Cure

Designed to outperform the rest, UNPLUGGED is the first LG® lithium battery powered LED light. The 18G UNPLUGGED is engineered using Gelish’s exclusive Intelligent Power AssistTM, an advanced circuitry system that ensures power levels stay consistent when the light is used in battery mode.

From the moment the 18G UNPLUGGED Professional Mobile LED Light is used in battery mode, power is managed and is monitored with real-time power level updates.

Known for LED innovation, Gelish® has changed the game again. The 18G UNPLUGGED enhances the existing LED 18G Plus with Comfort CureTM by allowing you to take your skills on the road.

  • INTELLIGENT POWER ASSISTTM for consistent, high-performance battery-powered curing

  • LG® Lithium Battery included

  • Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown

  • Backlit Gelish® logo visualizes battery power level eliminating guesswork

  • Built-in handle for convenient mobility

  • Ideal 5, 30, and 60-second settings plus on/off button

  • 60-second setting mitigates heat spikes with exclusive Gelish® Comfort Cure technology

Auto volt for International use

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Customer Reviews

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Leandra C.
Gel machine

I regret buying this machine. I wanted to spend the extra money on a quality machine but i would never recommend this to anyone. Within the first few days of having it the pegs fell off the bottom. About a month after i purchased it the battery wouldn’t stay in place. I had to buy white duck tape to tape the battery in place so i could do my job. The bottom silver panel will no longer fit so it sits in my carrying bag and does nothing. I would of rather bought a $30 machine off amazon than pay $300 for this garbage. Never again! It’s not always about the brand name I guess.