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Clean + Easy Digital Paraffin Warmer with Steel Bowl Free 6lbs Peach Wax refill

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 Clean + Easy Digital Paraffin Spa with Steel Bowl 

Free 6lbs Peach  Wax refill

This clean and easy digital paraffin spa melts hard paraffin in 2.5 hours. Stand by overnight: keep warm: mode allows you to re melt wax and service your client in just 30 minutes. Digitally controlled thermostat for precise temperatures. The easy to use controls will allow you to adjust the wax temperature to suit the individual. Slanted grid helps keep paraffin free of debris. Extra large steel paraffin reservoir, fast and effective heat therapy for arthritis, aching muscles and joints. Relieves dry, chapped skin. Includes 6 pounds. Peach paraffin wax.