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“Antoine” Gold Finish “Cobalt Acrylic” Nippers No 11 (1/2 Jaw)

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Tammy Taylor Nails
“Antoine” Gold Finish “Acrylic”Nippers No. 11
Featuring a double reinforced 1/2 inch jaw; small enough to chip away acrylic product with ease, yet strong enough to last 10 times longer than other acrylic nippers.
  • Precision Handcrafted “Cobalt Inox Stainless Steel” nippers.
  • Cobalt steel is the strongest steel available in a nipper, and the nipper will retain its “razor sharp edge” up to 10 times longer than average nippers.
  • Proven to be superior; and the nippers will “last” 10 times longer than other nippers.
  • Trusted for Quality & Precision for over 35 years.
  • Engineered to fit the natural movement of your hand.
  • The special “Antoine” design provides greater precision control, and ease of handling.